Mango Litchi Festival

The Wall

On 25 May 2019
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The Mango Litchi Festival is here at The Wall and we can’t keep calm!

The Wall is all set to host a tropical party as the sweetness of Mango blends in with the pulpy freshness of the Litchi. The Wall presents, the Mango Litchi Festival, celebrating an extraordinary friendship.

Indulge in deliciousness with dishes like the Spicy & Honey Mango Chicken, Grilled Bhetki with Mango Salsa and the Mango Litchi Prawn Curry. And if you’re looking for a refreshment after a hard day’s work, you know where to head to! Chill out with the Mango Daiquiri or the Mango Martini and pair it up with the Cottage Cheese Mango Skewers. End on a sweet note with the Mango Toffee Vanilla Ice Cream.

The Mango Litchi Festival is on at The Wall from the 25th of May.

The Wall, Rajarhat

The Wall, Sarat Banerjee Road