Oriental Food Trends

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Oriental Food Trends – A bite of popular oriental dishes around the world

Oriental Cuisine has been the concoction of cultural influences and subtle nuances, celebrated across the world. The popularity of Oriental flavours is such today, that restaurants in every nook and corner serve a gourmet tour of the Orient. Countries in South-East Asia, have been attracting tourists for their exotic food culture, and every street is lined with stalls that locally produce an innovative variety of traditional delicacies with a twist. Here’s a list of the most sought after dishes and trends of Oriental cuisine:


A variant of Japanese makizushi, the name gimbap comes from the two words ‘gim’ and ‘bap’ which means dried seaweed and steamed rice, respectively. The distinct flavour of gimbap is a result of seaweed and sesame oil and usually contains varieties of fish, vegetable and egg fillings. This delicious South Korean dish has become popular in supermarkets and gourmet restaurants because of its perfect combination of subtle flavours.

Miso Ramen

Another food trend of the Orient, that has gained popularity all over the world is the usage of fermented foods and pickles, due to its increased benefits favouring gut health. Fermenting soybeans with koji, salt and sometimes other ingredients such as rice, barley and seaweed, brings about a combination of flavours that pack a punch. This mix is ground into a paste and used to create the traditional Miso Ramen, that is a mouthwatering noodle-based soup with the right balance of heat and tangy flavours loaded with a generous helping of egg, vegetables or chicken. Kimchi, a type of pickled cabbage has also become the rage worldwide due to the unique preparation technique of this accompaniment and its ability to spice up any dish.


The national dish of Indonesia, Satay, is readily available not only in food stalls in its land of origin but in restaurants across the globe. Created with Indian influences, the meaty kebabs brought to Java by its Muslim traders, this skewered and grilled delicacy is served with peanut sauce and sometimes even made with tofu. It is slow cooked over wood and slightly charred to enhance the smokiness, aroma and nuances of the marinade.

Sushi Burritos

Sushi burritos is a popular trend in the world that has been created by combining the ideas from two different cultures, Japanese and Mexican. Sushi is a healthy dish, which is made by combining the rich flavours of seaweed with the subtlety of sticky rice and cured, thinly sliced fish and fresh vegetables. Mexican burritos, on the other hand, pack rich spicy chicken and veggies in a rice mix and load the cooked version into a tortilla roll. Blending the two rice-rolls, the world has seen a wide variety of Sushi burritos, using different kinds of sushi being packed into a tortilla. The wasabi used to spice Sushi, is sometimes served with the same, for the Mexican taste buds craving a bit of heat in their burritos.

Crab Rangoon

Crab Rangoon is one of the most talked about “Polynesian-style” dishes, derived from Burmese influences and served with a sweet Thai chili sauce. A fun party snack, Carb Rangoon has a crispy friend exterior and a juicy, fresh crabmeat inside. Cooked to perfection, this dish has been paired with beef and broccoli, and also a fragrant fried rice. Garnished with a refreshing sprinkle of sliced green onions and other flavourful seasonings, this dish is a go-to snack for everyone from fans in the United States, to those in Europe.

Poke Bowls

Although these originated in Hawaii, poke is basically sushi in a bowl. They look set to go as a growing food trend, globally, and conceptualize a well-balanced bowl of raw fish, all sorts of fresh veggies accompanied by rice or noodles. An interesting mix of flavours, keeps the appetite growing for this unique dish.

Peking Duck

Peking Duck gets its name from the older name for Beijing, and originated in the times of Ming dynasty when the imperial court brought the roasted duck preparation with it, when it moved to Beijing. Traditionally, this dish was slow cooked to perfection inside the stomach of a sheep. The Peking Duck is made by marinating the duck in a maltose syrup, with hoi-sin sauce and slow roasted over a fire. The sauces are constantly coated over the duck to give it the perfect glaze and to tenderize the meat, and finally served as slices. This delicacy has become the star attraction of oriental restaurants globally, and can serve as a telltale sign of the chef’s efficient skills.


Popularly known as pot-stickers, the Gyoza is a traditional dumpling served as part of a main course or as a side. It has strong garlic influences in the filling and a fried base, and stuffed with tender meat mince. The Gyoza is found in miso ramen stalls all over Japan, and in gourmet restaurants worldwide!

Gua Bao

The ‘Taiwanese hamburger’, gua bao is made using a steamed bun, which gives a chewy and soft texture, in addition to pork, pickled greens, coriander and ground peanuts. The sweet flavours of the steamed bun is balanced perfectly by the sweet ground peanuts, and this flavour-combination enhances the rich fatty pork filling inside. The bao is usually served with a homemade chili sauce and different versions of the same offer vegetables, chicken or beef fillings. Popularized by the night markets of Taiwan, this dish is revered by connoisseurs in every corner of the world.


This Vietnamese specialty is a rice noodle soup, which has been popularised across the globe after French colonosination period. Commonly made with chicken or beef broth, this dish is celebrated across South-East Asia for its great flavours. This dish originated in northern Vietnam and began as street food, but has since spread across oceans and continents to become one of the most favourite Oriental dishes of the world.

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