Kitchen Must-haves

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Secrets Of The Orient – In Your Kitchen

Food connoisseurs all over the globe celebrate Oriental cuisine and it’s subtleties in flavour. The nuances of traditional Chinese delicacies are time-tested and require meticulous preparation and recipes crafted to perfection. Cooking in China, has been considered an art form since the rule of the ancient Chou dynasty (1122 – 242 BCE). Curating the secrets of the glorious gastronomic past of China, we have brought to our readers a treasure trove of kitchen must haves – to stir up a delicious storm in their kitchen, oriental style.

Cast aside the non-stick pan for the Cast Iron Wok

Steam, braise, roast, stir-fry or pan-fry your dishes in a wok for that extra bit of Oriental goodness, at home. The cast iron woks have a high resistance to heat and can be used to cook up dishes that require high temperatures to get the added smoky flavours, or to enable the cooking of wine unlike a non-stick pan. The methods of cooking in Oriental cuisine require excellent understanding of textures and flavours, which also include expert skills of hand tossing the ingredients – which is only possible in a typical Chinese wok. The wok gets seasoned with the flavours being prepared in it, which are predominantly soy or fish sauce based, mixed with Shaoxing wine and rice wine or vinegar. This technique becomes one of the biggest hacks of Oriental food preparation.

Traditional cookware is no match for the Spatula and Ladle

Oriental food is world famous for its sauces and broths and nothing helps prepare them better than a spatula and ladle. Steel spatulas and ladles with a bamboo end, help provide insulation to the hand, and can be kept in the wok without turning it too hot. Chinese cooking styles require constant stirring, to extract the right flavours from the ingredients and using spatula and ladle best ensures the same. Spatulas and ladles have the perfect design to enable distribution of heat throughout the mix and to take the entire preparation out of the wok and serve it in style.

Clear your schedule and get the Bamboo Wok Brush

Here’s a little trick for you – never use soap to clean your wok. Woks should be cleaned under running water and with a bamboo wok brush to remove any unwanted residues. A light brush of the bamboo wok brush easily cleans your utensil without causing scratches on it, and without removing the seasoned textures of the wok. A bamboo wok brush is also used to lightly coat the wok with the right amount of oil, in dishes that require almost next to zero oil content. It is also excellent for stir frying vegetables for dishes that require the fresh crunch to remain intact, as it does not add too much heat to the ingredients.

Get the right amount of crispness with the Deep Fry Rack

Chinese cuisine requires deep frying and the best way to fry yourself some Chinese yumminess is on a deep fry rack. The rack makes sure there is no excess oil being absorbed in the food, by draining out unnecessary amounts. It can also be used to control the cooking of the food by enabling pouring of hot oil from top, and letting it cook in the heat while on the rack – this way the crispy perfection can be obtained!

Make some yum dim sums and more with the Bamboo Steamer

Culinary geniuses prefer the excellent bamboo steamer to serve up a plate of steamed dim sums or delicious suimais. Using a metal steamer absorbs the heat provided by the boiling water, and does not help the dishes to reach its ultimate potential of flavour! The bamboo steamers, with the right insulation, distributes heat evenly in the container, reducing cooking time and getting the authentic textures and flavours of the Orient on your plate.

Add the Chinese Cleaver to your list! Chop-chop!

The last but not the least bit less important – the Chinese Cleaver is a kitchen must have for cooking enthusiasts.  One must not only know how to cook Oriental dishes like a gourmet chef, one must also know how to chop their ingredients, Oriental style! Get the indispensible Chinese Cleaver to make your life as a culinary expert in your kitchen, a tad bit easier. We’re not promising it’s going to be a cakewalk, but hey, now your cuts of meat, fish and veggies will look instagrammable!

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So go ahead, explore a foodie fiesta!